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    Compatibility issue of HD 630 & driver.




      I have bought AsRock DeskMini 110 Barebone system. It includes the components below.


      H110 chipset STX Mainboard

      Intel i7-7700T CPU

      Samsung DDR4 17000 8GB x 2ea = 16GB

      Samsung 850 Evo SSD 500GB + 1TB = 1.5TB

      Windows 10 Pro 64bit


      I've installed the driver v. for the HD 630 graphics. and every time my PC woke up from Sleep Mode, the monitors(I use dual monitors. The one by HDMI, and the other by DP) showed abnormal broken and black screen. It was OK if the PC woke up from Hibernation Mode. This problem happened only when it woke up from Sleep Mode.


      I inquired of AsRock Distributer about this matter. They didn't sure about the cause of the problem, but they exchanged a mainboard to new one. But this issue was not solved at all.


      So, I tried another way. I deleted the graphic driver and installed the older version v21.20.16.4542. Then the problem has dissapeared!!! It now wakes up from Sleep Mode normally!!!


      It seems that latest driver vv. has some bug about Sleep Mode. Could you please check this issue?