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    About project Intel compute card



      Someone have the news about project Intel compute card

      without information he will be difficult to anticipate how to

      programming cluster in low consumption  with their new

      thunderbolt (USB-C) outing.


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          Your query is very hard to understand. Ask it again in your native language (we can translate it ourselves). Be very explicit (and complete) regarding what information you desire (and why).



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            My question is easy, currently i know  how to link by example  one dozen systems

            with  using (rj45, fiber RX/TX,(wireless ) by  switch , if i understand

            correctly this  new USB-C (thunderbolt 3) able to manage  (eth, usb and video  hdmi) with

            unique wire with excluding wireless, how to link one dozen or more of this Intel

            compute card, objective is for extend to offload (mpich , OpenMp ,  HSAIL to their Gpu etc ..)

            I see on kernel 4.9.x , I have module thunderbolt.ko

            maybe I can use  the wireless with bridge for add to each one an secondary address

            for the storage , i think he will suffice for me, more simple to make.

            it's require now wait when  it's ready to the sale in market. have you an date ?

            I think this new compute card will make large success in

            the market if it is not with too complication to install.


            Here now after more than two years and half of research , currently we obtain results

            exceptional even with grouping several unity  low frequency, and also with using

            several sub cores on unique system.


            About (and why)

            it's for answering correctly what wait all  the customers and the users.


            I have translate language of the  eater the rabbits and  frogs ,it's seem correct.



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              The Intel® Compute Card began shipping to distributors this week. Please note, however, that it may be challenging for some time to find Compute Cards for sale to end users. Intel's initial focus for the product is to provide support to device manufacturers who plan to develop full solutions based on the Compute Card. While you could begin looking for cards as early as this month, it is likely that it will be Q1 of 2018 before they are broadly available.


              While the initial Compute Cards do have a USB-C connector, there is no Thunderbolt support included. Now, it is possible that a manufacturer could develop a board to which a Compute Card could be docked and this board/system could include a Thunderbolt IC and thus expose a Thunderbolt-enabled USB-C connector. As far as I know, no such board exists currently, however.


              Hope this helps,