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    Audio issues at 4k on NUC7I5BNH


      I am having issues with some audio, particularly in games, when my TV is set to 4k@60Hz resolution.  I mentioned this in the massive flickering thread and cvare told me to break it out, even though I think this is all related.


      Setup: NUC7I5BNH, Vizio m55-C2 4k TV, Audio either through TV or using ARC to Sony XT:HT1 soundbar. 


      Problem: When I have the resolution set to 4k@60Hz, ifI start a game in full screen mode that is at a different resolution than the desktop, I get no sound.  If Windows resolution is set to 1080p in the Intel Graphics Settings, the sound is fine (but I don't want to change settings and reboot every time I want to pay a game).  In one of the games, I can select windowed mode and the sound then works.  However, when my resolution is set to 4k, it only displays in 1/4 of the screen so there is obviously another problem there.  From looking around online, it sounds like others have experienced this before and it might be an HDMI handshake issue or some problem caused when trying to switch to a different resolution. 


      Games: LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

      LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

      LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (this is the one that the audio works in windowed mode but the video is weird)

      The LEGO Movie Videogame


      So the symptoms are different than with the flickering issues, but it all seems related to HDMI/driver issues.  Is this a problem with the LSPCON chips in these NUCs?