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    Expert Review - ?




      what does the numbers near the produkt-list means, for exsample @ X-processors. The i7 6850k has a lower (7.1) number as i7 6800k (7,5) !?

      This number-picture called "expertReviews", what review and what "experts" and how did they come to this number?!


      Can someone explain me what this number telling us?




      Best regards.

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          In my opinion, these numbers tell you absolutely nothing. They are like a popularity contest. The criteria and prioritization that one (so-called) 'expert' will use could be completely different from that of another. I think you should just ignore them.


          Again, just my opinion...


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            yeah i expected something like that. Strange numbers.. XD


            Thanks so far.

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              Hello, Horror




              Thank you for reaching the Intel(R) Communities, for sure I can provide some feedback related to the naming scheme of the different products from Intel(R).


              The different naming schemes used for the Intel(R) Processors is there mainly to classify and have different product lines for the products.


              Most of the letters on most products do have a meaning, which can be reviewed here: Intel® Processor Numbers: Laptop, Desktop, and Mobile Device


              Since it was mentioned, the Intel® Core™ X-series Processors would be the enthusiast product line and so on.


              I hope this can be of help.




              Esteban C

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                thanks for your answer.


                Yeah... hmm.. Ok, but why is an i7 6850K Core less rated as an i7 6800K core. What Kind of explanation is behind that rating-numbers of that "experts".


                i7 6850 has more lanes and price difference is low to 6800K.

                Same strange thing if you compare an i7 6850K with i7 5820K : less lanes, worse lithography even more expansive, no Turbo boost, but it has only "Smart Cache" which does not much difference in most cases..

                Also an i7 5930K even more expensive and just "smart Cache" but same Lanes, should be same rate like i7 6850k in my opion. I wont start talking about ddr4 ram .... XD

                or comparing benchmarks...^^


                So more or less i agree Scott's post.

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                  At this point we can notice that is just a matter of checking the specs and capabilities of each processor and not so much about the name it has, different models are released with different features/specs. It is just a matter of checking which is the unit that suits your needs.

                  If further questions are present, feel free to reach us.

                  Thank you,
                  Esteban C