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    Большая разница температуры между ядер.


      Подскажите пожалуйста,возник такой вопрос,у меня процессор i5 6500,и последнее время стал замечать что в простои температура между cpu-1 и тремя другими имеет разницу аж 11 градусов.Подскажите пожалуйста кто сталкивался с данной проблемой и проблема ли это вообще.В биосе такая же температура.

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          Hello Jonik16

          Thank you for reaching the Intel(R) Communities.

          I understand you would like to check if the difference of temps between cores is ok. For sure this can be checked.

          Regularly, the core#1 will be hotter than the other cores, this is because some tasks or programs only use a single core and that task is regularly taken there (when the workload increases, the tasks are divided between the different cores).

          The current temps are ok, and you should not worry about them, but if you would like to you can do the following:

          • Check the heatsink is properly seated or placed
          • Check the thermal paste is not dry, if it is, change it



          Also, for further information, you can check this article: Frequently Asked Questions About Temperature for Intel® Processors


          If further questions are present, feel free to contact us back.


          Esteban C