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    Flickering problems with the intel hd 620.




      Just bough a Lenovo Think Pad E570, yesterday installed the newest drivers out there. Yesterday after a few hours of working with it and today (which has gotten worse) got a lot of flickering going on. The moment i disable the current driver in the Device manager and reroll it to the Microsoft basic display adapter, the problem goes away.


      Gonna drop a few videos about what i'm talking about here:

      First one on how it goes away the moment i reroll to the microsoft drive: VID_20170928_134228.mp4 - Google Drive

      Second one on video on how it looks: VID_20170927_211504.mp4 - Google Drive


      Any help is appreciated. Wondering if it's fixable, what you're recommending and if i should start thinking about giving it back with the warranty.


      Thanks in advance.