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    RealSense Capabilities with Aero RTF Drone


      Hey Guys


      Working on getting my drone up and running and am very interested in combining the technologies shown in this video (IDF Shenzhen 2015 Intel RealSense Technology Partnership w/JD.com - YouTube)   

      with the Aero drone kit.


      Some of the things I would like to be able to do:

           Hover the drone a preset distance from a wall or box

           Ability to measure and detect boxes - similar to how the JD.com demo

           Direct the drone to fly to a identified location autonomously



      Not completely sure where to start.  I have read forums that discuss how to do this with just the Realsense, but I don't see much combining it with the Aero.  I am looking for any suggestions, resources, examples, etc.


      Re: What do I need to do object recognition?




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