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    Win 2003 Driver issues


      Have an issue with a private label, remote win2003 server where it lists two devices with yellow question marks, namely

      PCI device  and SM Bus controller

      Both show uninstalled drivers which do not appear available on Intel either.

      These are:





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          Al Hill

          Get the SM Bus and Management Engine drivers from the website of the manufacturer of your motherboard.


          Also, there is no support for Windows 2003 server.



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            The SMBus device entry is resolved by an entry in the Intel Chipset Device Software (INF Update) package.


            The device driver for the PCI SIMPLE Communications Controller device, which is actually the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) device, is provided by the Intel Management Engine Software package.



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              Appreciate both replies, sent a reply the same day, being new, no idea where it went.

              As stated, this is private label system, located at a secure COLO downtown, so would have to pack a lunch to go visit.
              Intel Pentium IV 3.2GHz ASUS 140RA12 System (Server)

              Obviously, I would like an easier resolution.

              Spoke directly with Asus, without the actual board number, they can offer no help.

              Aware of no win2003 support. Also, no Intel listings for either driver. After noticing numerous others search for the same drivers, it would seem a simple matter to have them available online. The intel Driver update package comes back with an error – 0x800713 sec-Asia


              Have tried the second MEI suggestion, but receive “system does not meet min requirements”. This may be my inexperience?

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                Al Hill

                You can easily get your motherboard information with a utility like CPU-Z.



                The above link is provided only for your convenience.


                You may have to pack a lunch and make a field trip to get the information needed to properly handle this.



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                  For systems this old, you need an older (9.x) version of the Intel Chipset Software (INF Update) package. Support is NOT provided for older systems in the 10.x (or newer) versions of this package.


                  Hope this helps,


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                    Again, thanks to you both.


                    The CPU-Z was of help for the motherboard info and pointed me to Super Micro. Unfortunately, their online download did not work
                    and I have been in contact and have sent an email request for them to dig into their archives.



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                      Intel Corporation
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                      Hello JGalt ,


                      This is just to check your inquiry and if the support team from the motherboard's manufacturer provided an answer to you.


                      Esteban C