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    Netflix in UHD what am I missing


      I have an intel NUC7i7BNH with 16gb of memory.  Which is connected to an LG HDR tv (I can get HRD contect via the smart TV apps and the 4k player)

      I have done some research online and found out that the HDMI port on the NUC is hdcp2.2 compliant



      (page 25)


      From my research online I can confirm that:

      1. I am running windows 10 with all of the latest updates installed
      2. I am using the latest graphics drivers from intel
      3. I have the netflix UHD package (again I have checked via just the app on the tv and it streams in UHD)
      4. I have set Netfix it via the options to use the best possible picture.
      5. I am using MS edge as the browser when connecting to netfilx


      I just don’t seem to be able to get it to stream in UHD on the PC.

      Has anyone managed to get this to work?