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    Fail to run realsense sample "slam_tutorial_1_gui" on Euclid



           I have an Intel Euclid and I want to run a SLAM demo on it.

           like this link: Intel® RealSense™ for Linux - SLAM Library: Developer's Guide


           I use apt-get to install the library and program:

                >sudo apt install librealsense-samples beignet-opencl-icd         

           When I run slam_tutorial_1_gui, it will fail and show the message "current device is not supported by the current module configuration."


           I have no idea if I miss any important procedure.

           Is there a tutorial to run "slam_tutorial_1_gui" on Intel Euclid ?

           Any suggestion will be appreciated.




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          The sense I get from my research is that this tutorial is intended for the full ZR300 Developer Kit camera.  Whilst the Euclid does have a ZR300 too, it is a modified form of the camera that lacks an ASIC chip that the full kit camera has.  This missing chip is software-simulated on Euclid by using a special forked version of Librealsense, not the main branch of Librealsense.


          My recommendation would be to use the form of SLAM that is built into Euclid.  This tutorial on setting up an RTAB-MAP slam on Euclid may be of interest to you.


          Euclid RTAB-Map.pdf


          Euclid also comes with a 6DOF Scenario that makes use of the Euclid SLAM module.


          12 6DOF Scenario on Vimeo

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            Hi MartyG.


            Thank for your answer.

            Does it mean that we cannot run realsense slam sample "slam_tutorial_1_gui" on Euclid because of ZR300 camera driver issue?

            Anyway I am going to try RTAB-Map. Thanks.



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              I am not a Euclid specialist, so I cannot say for certain whether "slam_tutorial_1_gui" can work with the default setup of Euclid.  One of the Euclid specialists who read and comment on this forum may be able to offer a second opinion later.


              I believe you can install the main Librealsense on Euclid in place of the forked version but you will lose access to the Euclid functions that the forked version provides support for.  The fisheye camera in particular would likely be severely affected.

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                Hi Ryan,


                The Intel Realsense SLAM is preinstalled on the Euclid. You can use it by running the following 2 nodes:


                roslaunch realsense_camera lr200m_nodelet_default.launch


                And in a second terminal:


                roslaunch realsense_sp sp.launch


                This will publish a topics /tf and /realsense/odom which contain the 6DOF information for the Euclid.


                Unfortunately, in order to display the map itself, modifications need to be made (since it was originally made for ZR300 and not in a ROS environment).

                I would strongly recommend against using a different librealsense version that is not the Euclid's forked version, as that can cause errors in the Euclid's camera's firmware.


                I would suggest using GMAPPING, RTAB, or ORBSLAM, for all of which I've made walkthroughs for using, and are available here in the forum or in euclidcommunity.intel.com


                Let me know if you need any further help and I'll be happy to help out!






                Intel Euclid Development Team

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                  Hi Meitav,


                       I follow Jay's github: https://github.com/robojay/realsense_sp , and make slam work.

                       I can get the occupancy map shown on rviz by realsense_sp ROS package.


                       And I also try the RTABMap GitHub - introlab/rtabmap_ros: RTAB-Map's ROS package.

                       It works, and I can get the 3D map and the procedure of loop closure.


                       It's cool. Thanks.