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    OR Samples for librealsense not compiling - missing "includes"



      Working with the following:

      ZR300 Camera

      Ubuntu 16.04

      QT - CMake


      GitHub - IntelRealSense/librealsense: Cross-platform API for Intel® RealSense™ devices

      realsense_samples/samples at master · IntelRealSense/realsense_samples · GitHub


      It appears that the pre-made SDK samples for person recognition and object recognition run just fine when loaded. However, when looking to compile the code for any of the realsense_samples with CMake, errors occur due to missing source code. For example errors referencing the appropriate "includes" are missing for sample  or_tutorial_1_gui:

      1. or_data_interface.h
      2. or_configuration_interface.h
      3. or_video_module_impl.h


      Essentially, I am looking to test YOR tool set - Your Object Recognition. To do this documentation shows you need to adjust sample code presented in the Object Recognition SDK.