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    Intel GPA's Graphics Monitor crashes on launch on Windows 10.


      1. I need Intel GPA.

      2. I worked with it 3 years ago with great success.

      3. 1 year ago I installed the newest version - the Graphics Monitor crashed upon launch. I had Windows 8 back then (as I did 3 years ago).

      4. I did not need the app that much back then so I ignored it.

      5. Today (27.09.17) I tried installing it again on Windows 10 - the same crash with no warnings and/or messages.

      6. I am trying to access the forums - "An error occured while trying to log you in. Please contact customer support". Mind: I did successfully login to download the GPA just 20 minutes before that.

      7. I am trying to create a Support account. The login screen is different, my login credentials get recognized ok, but then I am asked to enter my name/surname/etc: the boxes DO NOT WORK. No text can be entered The "Next" button is grayed out.

      8. Thankfully I am able to enter the forum when googling "Intel Forums" and singing in from a different Intel foum language page.


      Is this still "Intel"?


      P.S. Would be very grateful if anyone could help me launch Graphics Monitor without a crash.


      Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 ti by Gainward,

      Processor: Intel Core i7.

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