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    nuc7i3bnh does not wake up external hard drive from sleep


      I recently purchaed this nuc and very satisified with size and perfomance

      I do have one issue with my external hard disk, Seagate goFlex



      The disk has an external power supply and usb 3 dock which i connected to the usb 3 ports on the front of my nuc

      For some reason the disk doesn't wake up after the first time it falls asleep , which is an issue i never had in my older PC (consider that the windows 10 installation was transferred as is to the nuc)


      i deselected the option that allows the port to turn off the device (I am not sure if i did it on the right port though) and i even installed the seagate app and sepcified NEVER to put the disk to sleep but still this happens and I lose all access to my media content whch is terrible for me

      the only way to get it to work again is to unplug the usb and re plug it


      any solutions?

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