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    Nuc i7 NUC7i7BNH Windows 10 Blue screen



      Bought New NUC i7,

      Unfortunately it began with blue screen problems

      After many tests by support - that said it is RMA and told me to send only NUC without SSD M2 and DDR

      It came back - same problem

      Why they don't check the system with all the parts ? -> this is not really understood to me


      We have tried everything, update BIOS, Log event tools, Default setup and many other things - but same problem occur

      Any one have any Idea what to do ?

      My guess that this is related to one of the parts that were not exchanged:

      • Power supply
      • DDR
      • SSD M2


      Any one have any experience with what to start ?



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          Hi Roee,


          Intel does not require the parts that are added (SSD / Memory) as the unit can be tested with their own spare / test parts to check if the unit has a defect or not.

          If the unit has a defect they can exchange the unit without having to put the other parts in a new unit (or forget to send it back with a new unit).

          Not sure but I would think it shoud have been shipped with the power supply because that came from Intel together with the unit and could be the problem when supplying not the correct power levels.


          What brand, part number, size are the SDD and memory?

          Have you tried to install the memory in a different memory bank?


          note: I have not experienced system errors (blue screens) on my unit, but I am not running Windows on it.



          Leon Merts

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            Hi Leon

            The parts are:

            CRUCIAL 16GB KIT (8GBx2) - DDR4-2133 SODIMM

            SSD 600P (256GB, M2,80MM)


            All came from EPP

            No additional Bank connectors ....


            I will try to remove the parts and test myself

            It did not came with new Power supply - that this can cause power problem that eventually can cause crash (to my opinion)




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              Hi Roee,


              Not sure if you tried this already, but you can try one Dimm first and check it in both memory banks and of course try the other one separate as well.

              If you have a SATA SSD or HDD you should check that too, to eliminate those options.


              On a side note you might want to check the SSD forum about the 600P firmware issue, but that only referred to the SSD speeds.



              Leon Merts

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                Had to search for the link, but via the following link you can also check the blinking codes (if you have any)

                Blink Codes and Beep Codes for Intel® NUC

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                  Ho Roee,

                  I'm not sure what you means that your NUC "began with  blue screen problems? Did you have installed Windows and Windows crashes or just when you powering you NUC, it is showing blue screen just on begin?

                  If this is the second case, remove your SSD and try to boot into bios setting only with one memory stick at time. In this way you can check if problem is caused by SSD or one of RAMs.


                  Hope this will help


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                    From the sounds of this he has a memory module that's failing.Good advice just try one stick at a time and see if it still has issues.