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    Problem with provision AMT 2.2.20 on SCCM


      When I try provision computer with chipset DQ965WC on SCCM SP2 and WS-Man Translator I have error in amtopmgr.log:

      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Provision task begin<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
      Provision target is indicated with SMS resource id. (MachineId = 560
      Found valid basic machine property for machine id = 560.
      Warning: Currently we don't support mutual auth. Change to TLS server auth mode.
      The provision mode for device is 1.
      Check target machine (version 2.2.20) is a SCCM support version. (FALSE)
      Redirect to Intel Translator for legacy version AMT.
      Attempting to establish connection with target device using WSMAN.
      Try to use provisioning account to connect target machine
      Using translator for version *.
      session params : https://VSCCM.mydomain.corp/wstrans/dsc/eoi20/   ,  41001
      Succeed to connect target machine and core version with 2.2.20 using provisioning account #0.
      Get device TLS mode is 0.
      Get device provisioning state is In Provisioning.
      Using translator for version 2.2.20.
      session params : https://VSCCM.mydomain.corp/wstrans/setup/eoi20/   ,  41001
      Machine will be added and published to AD and OU is LDAP://OU=AMT,OU=SCCM,DC=mydomain,DC=corp.
      Send request to AMT proxy component to add machine to AD.
      Successfully created instruction file for AMT proxy task: D:\ConfigMgr\inboxes\amtproxymgr.box
      Processing provision on AMT device
      Found client certificate already being generated for AMT device
      Start 1st stage provision on AMT device (WSMAN)
      Clean Certificate store...
      Clean Key store...
      Sync time...
      Set Host Name...
      Set Domain Name...
      Create Certificate store...
      Error: AMT_PublicKeyManagementService Invoke AddKey Error, return value:2058.
      Error: Failed to finish critical setup and configuration step. (AMTWSManUtilities::AddKey)
      Error: Can't finish provision on AMT device with configuration code (14)!
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Provision task end<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

      Have you got any sugestion?