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    NUC7i5BNK will not install Silicon Labs CP210xVCP driver


      Computer:  NUC7i5BNK,  BIOS and drivers are up to date.

      Operating System:  Windows 10 Home,  64 bit,  all updates installed and no Silicon Labs drivers are installed.


      The main use of this computer involves a USB connection to other equipment.  The manufacturer provides a link to Silicon Labs to download CD-301501-003.zip.  When unzipped,  I ran CP210xVCPInstaller_64.exe,  It runs but quickly aborts with the message "...unable to find any drivers designed for your machine."  The other equipment was not connected as instructed by its manufacturer.


      How do I get this driver installed?



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          I looked into the aforementioned CD Image and driver installer and everything that I can find is related to Windows XP or Windows 7; I can find no mention of support for Windows 10 (or even Windows 8/8.1, for that matter). This would explain why you are seeing the message indicating no drivers designed for your machine; there are no drivers designed for Windows 10.


          I am not sure why you came to an Intel support forum asking questions about an add-on USB product. You should be talking to their support forum/people first...