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    Best way to set aside a very large RAM storage area on an Edison.


      As mentioned in my previous posting

      Re: How much of static RAM is available on the Edison

      I wish to utilize up to 4 Edison breakout boards to act as a very large RAM storage board for my S100 bus CPU systems.  Access will be 32 bit wide.  In this situation its absolutely critical that reading and writing the 32 bit long word be as efficient/fast as possible.   All the Edison would do is look at 32 input GPIO pins for an address and data and depending on a "Rd/Wr" signal send/get  the 32 bit data to/from its internal ~500000+ MB RAM storage.  A very small/simple continuous loop.


      My question to experienced Eclipse/IoT C programmers is what is the absolutely fastest way to set aside and access that storage on the Edison. 


      Wishful thinking.. I don't suppose the is a way to do this in assembly, is there?



      PS.  I have by now plenty of experience using the Edison. See for example:-

      S100 Computers - Edison CPU Board

      but this application is absolutely dependent on tight efficient code -- something I'm not good at.



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          Hi John,

          I understand what you would like to do, however I don’t have any suggestions on how this can be done. Unfortunately, this concern goes beyond of our support scope and our suggestions are limited. 

          I noticed that some users have shared their inputs on this topic in your other thread. I recommend you to try following their suggestions on the topic and see if they work for your purposes. You can share your results in the community too so other members can provide inputs and suggestions.

          Diego V.