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    Pinout of reserved FC connector




      Is it possible to get the pinout of the connector which the PX4 flight controller plugs into on the Intel Compute board (labelled as Reserved on the Getting Started images), as well as the part number for the mating connector? We would like to make a daughterboard and that connector looks like a convenient place to plug in a board. The daughterboard will use FPGA I/O and from the Quartus project for the Aero RTF drone it looks like a number of the FPGA GPIO pins do go to that connector (any analog I/O from the FPGA?). We have the pinout for the 80-pin connector, which is great, but we are also looking at that "reserved" connector as a possibility (because it has some advantages mechanically for our particular situation).


      BTW, we have been successful in making our own FPGA designs for the Intel Compute. The process was relatively painless, so thank you for the nice setup!


      Thank you for your assistance.