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    error code -4 of F200 3D camera


      Hey guys,


         I just bought a Front F200 camera and I cannot install the driver. It tells me a -4 error and I already deslect Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. But still cannot find the camera during the installation.

      could anybody help me to solve it ?


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          You got this error, yes?


          "The installer failed to update the firmware of your Intel RealSense 3D Camera.   The camera firmware may be corrupted.  Contact your computer manufacturer for recovery instructions.  Error code: -4"


          Does the camera appear in the Imaging Devices section of your Device Manager?  The camera should list three drivers there: RGB, Depth and Virtual Driver.

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            exactly is this code and I wondering probably this Camera is broken. The camera also does not show in the imaging devices section  in my PC there is even no imaging device section.  Thanks buddy!

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              The F200 has not been available to buy for a long time, so I guess you bought it from somewhere that had already owned it? (i.e it is not a new product).   If so, it is possible that it was sold because it did have problems.  That does happen sometimes with second-hand hardware purchases.


              The next question I would ask is the hardware details of your PC.  The F200 needs a minimum requirement of a 4th generation (from around 2014) Intel Core processor, Windows 8.1 (preferably Windows 10) and USB 3.0.


              When reading the other post you made on another discussion, where you said you had bought a board, I was uncertain about what you had bought.  Did you buy a RealSense board without a case, or did you buy the USB Developer Kit camera that has a casing?  Also, are you sure it is an F200, and not an R200 or SR300

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                yep. Sorry I went to the lab and answered you late. I bought it from a second hand as well as the kit camera usb board. I can see the name Front Camera (F200) from the device manager but there is no imaging devices section. and second answer, My device is a 4th generation platform with i7-4790 processor and  a Windows 10 operation system. I am using it because I am recently doing research on photosensing and you know for a student I dunt have much money. All devices cost me around 20$, I am not sure it is still working though the USB can recognize the camera.

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                  The F200 camera model - unlike the newer SR300 model - does not install the drivers automatically when you plug it in.  You need to run a driver installation program for the F200 called the Depth Camera Manager.  Have you installed this?  If not, you can download it with the link below.  The 91 mb download will start automatically in your browser when clicked on.



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                    Thanks is and now we back to the original point is that where I get the problem of error -4, I installed the driver and it tell me this error code and I also tried other two drivers, they tells me cannot find the camera directly at the begning. That'a also confirms it is a F 200 probably

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                      If you have a PC that meets the requirements for the F200 and the camera is not being detected at all, this can strongly indicate that the problem is related to the USB ports of your particular PC.  RealSense is very sensitive to the state of the USB ports, and some PC's USB ports supply power more stably than others. 


                      Many people have found that their camera immediately becomes detectable if they plug it into a mains-powered USB hub device instead of directly into the PC.  These are available from stores such as Amazon for around $15 by searching for 'powered usb 3.0 hub'.  In a few cases, the camera worked even when plugged into an ordinary unpowered USB hub.

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                        Let me buy a usb hub first and try to figure it out, Thanks buddy!!!

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                          You are very welcome.  Let us know please if the hub works for you.  Have a great day!