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    Desktop Board DG43GT


      I was using my pc fine but I made few changes in bios and once I saved the changes the pc wont post and there is nothing on the screen. The settings which I have changed were fan speeds and there was one setting about show text on graphic or something i cannot remember and I have tired to troubleshoot but i had no luck.


      PC SPECS


      7GB DDR2 800Mhz

      Windows 7

      GT 650 1GB

      60GB SSD & 500GB HD

      PSU - EVGA 500W

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          Power off the system. Find the yellow BIOS Configuration jumper on the board (should be close to SATA connectors) and move it from the 1-2 pins to the 2-3 pins. When you power on, it should automatically start up using default BIOS settings and will take you into BIOS Setup. Once there, use F9 (followed by Y) to reset the BIOS configuration to defaults and then F10 (followed by Y) to save the configuration and exit. Immediately power off, move the jumper back to the 1-2 pins and then power on again. Use F2 to again enter BIOS Setup. This time, make only those changes that you actually understand the impact of...


          Hope this helps,


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            Thanks for your reply, as you can see in the picture below I have tired to reset the cmos and bios but it didnt work but this may be I was not doing it correctly. The way I did it was I have unplug the power cable and pressed the power button to drain any electric in motherboard then I have moved the jumper for bios for first 1-2 to 2-3 and after I did that I have pressed power button for like 20 seconds. Then I powered it properly and I have seen not change from moving the jumper normally this should some feedback of such but I got nothing and putting jumper back to its original place did nothing at all. I have also used the jumper to put it on cmos pins which stopped the system from booting and as soon as i take the jumper off I was back to square 1. I have tired to take out the cmos battery for few seconds and put it back which didnt not change anything but I have read online of intel websites that to resett bois you need to leave the cmos battery out for an hour which is something I have not tired and it is worth giving it a go. Like i said before only feedback i get from motherboard when there is no ram in the dimms other then that fans just spin at full speed with no display and I have tired graphic card and motherboard onboard graphic same result no graphic output.


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              To clear CMOS, unplug system from A/C power, press power button for 5 seconds and then remove CR2032 battery for 15 minutes. Move jumper to 2-3 position when powering back on.


              Hope this works,


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                Thanks for your reply, I have done the steps you suggested and I have managed to get the pc to post with 1 short beep. Thats with only cpu, fans and ram installed no dvd rom or hard drive nor any external usb devices.The HDMI get the signal thus it get recognised on my tv this wasnt the case before. But I cannot get any display I have tired onboard mobo hdmi and got nothing and when i installed the graphic card I dont get any beep on startup.

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                  You have me confused. In one sentence you say the HDMI gets the signal and in the next that it doesn't. Which is it?


                  Reading between the lines, you say you installed an external graphics card but you seem to have kept the monitor connected to the motherboard. If you are adding a graphics card, you need to connect the monitor to the graphics card; in this case, you cannot continue to use the HDMI connector on the motherboard.