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    s2600cp Corrupt Display issues at boot and unable to boot without bios reset


      s2600cp, xeon e5-2620, 32gb pc1333 ecc ram, chassis P4308XXMHDN, single 460W power supply, SERVER 2012, intel raid card with 4 1tb hard drives in raid 5, and 2 raid 1 ssd for OS


      My S2600cp has been experiencing odd issues that I thought at first were related to my rs2wc080 as the OS would just die without any warning and no log files being created in windows and it did this about twice a day for the past few days. The screen would simply be black with a single white cursor at the bottom left of the screen. But now I'm wondering if it's not a motherboard issue. As when testing the card out, cleaning and reapplying thermal paste to the heat sink and restarting I found I would often be presented with garbled video output at either a letter or two of the bios info would be oscillating or I would be greeted by a completely garbled blocky colour screen. The only way I can get it to fully boot is to reset the bios each time and this would clear up the video issues.


      I have updated to the latest bios, reset to default values then set only what I needed for the raid card to boot and confirmed that the Bios, ME and BMC are all up to the latest versions. But each time I reboot I get this corrupted video issue and cant fully boot.


      Does anyone have suggestions as to what might be the issue? I have attached the intel scan logs here as well.  Should I be looking for a new motherboard, or entire server sooner than later?