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    Setting LED status as on during boot up.




      I have LED connected to my intel galileo.

      When I power up my galileo LED turns on for a second and then turn off. Once my application

      runs I am able to toggle LED. But now I want to my LED to turn on during boot till my application starts.

      Is there any way to do this?

      Please help me in this

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          It's a matter of the circuit you build, not necessarily related to Intel Galileo... Maybe you could use a relay connected to Intel Galileo 5v output, the LED connected to the relay, and a digital output controlling the relay. The first task in your Intel Galileo program should be controlling the relay through the digital output so the relay do not provide power to the LED... I don't know how the power is handled in digital pins at boot by default so maybe you will be able to control the LED directly with a digital pin output... but you should be able to experiment.





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            Thanks for your reply.

            I don't want to change any of the hardware. So I guess adding relay may not be possible.

            Actually my LED is getting lit up for few seconds as power is applied and then it turned off ( i guess this may done by bootloader. Not sure about this.).

            Once "intel_qrk_gip" module is loaded then LED lights up continuously till my python application starts. But to load module "intel_qrk_gip", it takes around 35-40 seconds from power ON in my case. But i want to turn ON  LED for these 35-40 seconds as well. I guess I have to change kernel code to achieve this or may be bootloader code.

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              I see, I didn't know about. I´m far from being an expert in kernel and bootloading, so I won´t be able to help.



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                Hi cgoma,


                By reading about your project and explanation, a start-up service might be useful in this scenario. A start-up service runs when the board is booting so I think it could work for you. Please take a look at these threads as the process of how to configure the start-up service is well explained there.





                I hope it works for you.

                Diego V.