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    Intel S2600WF (Wolf Pass) can't see NVMe Drives and VROC is not detected


      Hi. I have an Intel Server System configured as follows:

      (1) R2208WFTZS

      (2) BX806734110

      (8) SSDPE2MX012T701

      (1) AXX1300TCRPS

      (12) CT8G4RFS4266


      (1) AXXRMM4LITE2

      (1) AXXP3SWX08040

      As Well as the Oculink cables from the Wolf Pass board to the backplane and Oculink cables from the AIC to the backplane.


      When I attempt to configure the RAID in the BIOS there are no options to configure. Everything I have been reading says in order to enable the Raid in the CPU (VROC) I need the VROCPREMMOD which I have installed, but there seems to be no way to address the NVME u.2 drives to configure. Where am I suppose to go to configure the RAID so I can boot up on it?



      Lyle Epstein

      Kortek Solutions