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    Drive Failure During Migration




      I am in the middle of a migration that is trying to add 2 new 1.5 TB drives to my existing RAID 5 array of 4 1.5 TB drives. It is about half way through (51%) after 1.5 weeks (it is taking forever to migrate, any way to make it go faster?) and I now see that I have a drive failure. I try to access some of the content on this array and I can't get to some of it because it says the data is corrupted. My question is do I wait until the migration is complete and then replace the drive? Or do I replace the drive right now in the middle of a migration? The array is not a system array, it is just a storage array. My OS is on another HDD. What would you all recommend as my path forward?


      System Specs:

      Windows 7 64bit

      Intel ICH10R

      Intel Matrix Storage Manager 8.9


      Thank you in advance for the help!