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    DQ67EP question


      Does anyone know if the DQ67EP's secure boot works with Windows 10?  I know the DH61DL's don't (it can be enabled in the BIOS but msinfo32 says Secure Boot State = No).



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          Well, let's look at the facts:


          • The DQ67EP board was released in Q1 of 2011.
          • Windows 10 was not released until Q2 of 2015.
          • Windows 10 is not listed as a supported O/S for this board.
          • According to the BIOS release notes, nothing major has been done to the BIOS since 2012.


          Based upon this, I would be willing to bet that the board's Secure Boot feature has never been tested with Windows 10.


          Bottom line, if it didn't work with the DH61DL -- and you were doing it properly -- it's unlikely that it will work with the DQ67EP. Further, since both of these boards are in the end-of-life and end-of-interactive-support states -- and Intel has exited the Desktop Boards business altogether -- if the feature is broken, there is absolutely zero chance of it being fixed (there's simply no one left to do it).