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    How to install virtual driver


      Hello, I have SR300, I have downloaded DCM, and cannot make to install a Virtual Driver, without this my depth sensor only showing a pure green image.

      Can you please guide me to manually install the driver just for the Virtual Driver?

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          Hi Sambuev,


          I do not think that there is anything I can add to the previous discussion we had about the Virtual Driver this week.  I will link to that discussion though so that other people reading this will know what has already been tried and do not suggest the same things again.  Good luck! 


          Can't install drivers for SR300 - need EXPERT help

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            Yes camera RGB working fine, I cannot make to work Depth sensor and play with SDK examples, camera doesn't recognize, I have installed it on another machine and it woreking fine from begining, but my machine full of drivers from intel and I cannot make VirtualDriver to install, why, I do'nt know, problem still exist.

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              I think I misunderstood your last comment on the other discussion where you said "After many tries, I have installed camera without virtual driver,  it works so bad, "   I thought you meant that the camera was working without the Virtual Driver but had very bad performance.  But you meant that it still was not working after many tries, and it was bad that it was not working, right? 


              If the camera's drivers are not functioning properly then the computer treats it as though it is an ordinary RGB video webcam instead of a RealSense camera.  So it is normal that you have RGB but not depth and IR if you have an important driver that is missing.


              I still believe that the problem is related to the USB ports, especially if the camera works on another machine.  This is because USB ports are not exactly the same on every machine by every manufacturer, so the camera may work on one machine fine but have problems on another machine.

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                you misunderstood, I have exactly same machines, Sky X9E2 with 64GB ram, and max configuration, I have installed there everything without any problems.

                Yes PointCloud V2 from Brekel worked wihtout virtual driver, but original SDK R2, R3 did not recognize the device.

                Technically I still have a problem, I cannot solve it.

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                  I read the previous discussion again.  I suggested plugging the camera into a mains-powered USB hub instead of directly into the PC.  You did not say that you have tried this, so have you considered doing it?

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                    I did this already many times, I also tried to connect to USB-C port via special adapter but still no luck at all. I jsut need to install Virtual Driver.

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                      This may not work but it's worth a try.  I've attached the Virtual Driver file to this message.  Open the following folder location on your computer and drop the file in once you have downloaded it and unzipped the file to get the driver file.


                      C > WINDOWS > SYSTEM32 > DRIVERS