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    Exceeded RAM voltage


      Hello, I'm using Peintum G4400 and its recommended RAM voltage is 1.35 V  either on 1333MHz or 1600 MHz for DDR3. I'm using DDR3 1600MHz at 1.5 V. Can over voltage of RAM decrease CPU's performance or maybe damage it? It's DDR3 stick not DDR3L so I can't change its voltage.

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          Hi saleen6,


          The required memory for this CPU is: DDR4-1866/2133 or DDR3L-1333/1600 @ 1.35V

          Not DDR3 @ 1.5V

          You should replace the memory for the correct ones that use 1.35V as mentioned above.

          I can only guess the 1.5V modules are not going to work.



          Leon Merts