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    Intel not responding and/or acting on issues with Intel NUC's!

      Why is Intel completely ignoring the massive amount of customers who have issues with their NUC's (like flickering, black screens and so on).
      The problems started over 3 months ago! And still nothing has been fixed by Intel. The lack of support and updates is abysmal.


      It's really a disgrace that a company, as big as Intel, isn't trying to fix this as soon as possible. We are 3 months further and nothing has been resolved.

      I am starting to think, because the lack of updates, that Intel isn't able to fix this, as it's a hardware flaw which most probably introduced by some changes to the BIOS.
      After that everything went downhill (just like support).


      I am also very, very disappointed in cvare (apparrently he is in Intel's support team or a moderator). Last time he logged in was on the 16th of September according to his profile.

      Apparently he doesn't care anymore if there are any issues anymore with the Intel NUC. That or he went on a vacation. Or maybe he got fired. I have no clue.


      I do know one thing; my Intel NUC is still not working as advertised. I already asked for a RMA with Amazon and let them exchange it for a new one.

      Hopefully it has an older BIOS version, so I can test it to see if that is the problem, because in it's current condition my Intel NUC is nothing more than an expensive paperweight.


      Also returning the Intel NUC completely and look for something else is not a real option.

      Because I also purchased a HDD, M.2 SSD, RAM and several cables and connectors (for testing to see if it was the cable and/or connectors) all of which I cannot return for a refund.


      Here is the Youtube movie I posted several days ago, because cvare doubted if I tried the new graphic driver: intel nuc flickering / black screen - YouTube
      As you can see, this is not normal behaviour for an Intel NUC. I can now only use the standard Microsoft Display Driver. However using this driver causes several issues (for example: no hardware accelaration).


      I will also create a support ticket and urge them to fix these issues as soon as possible, because 3 months is way, way to much. I think this post will get deleted (or locked), because Intel probably doesn't allow freedom of speech.

      So I hope most of you will get a chance to read this.