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    NUC6i5SYH - BIOS not supported ?


      When I bought my NUC, I made the update to version 057 and everything went well, using the Express method, very simple, fast and easy.


      So, in my NUC I had the BIOS 057 and today I did the update again to version 062 and everything went well again, (image2) but after completing the update, the NUC reset and displayed the message, (image1). This worried me because if I understood correctly, the BIOS is not compatible with my NUC ??


      Everything seems to be working fine as it has accessed Windows 10 64 Pro normally. When checking the BIOS version, I noticed that it was updated, (image3).


      I hope some message will reassure me, please. Thank you


      1.jpg 2a.jpg 3.jpg