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    Can't install drivers for SR300 - need EXPERT help


      Hello, I have SR300 for long time, I was using it with another computer a few months ago and everything was working fine. I bought a brand new laptop and cannot install the drivers. My laptop is SKY X9E2 max configuration. Basically, cannot install the drivers, I was google actively and have got to Intel forums, for some reason I could not log in to my forum, but I'm here anyways after such a complicated branches of random info and intel ads.


      What I did:

      Installed DCM, did not work, can't recognize device,

        The installer failed to detect an Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera on this system. The installation was terminated.



      After that, I have downloaded SDK offline package hoping it can help, but unfortunately the same problem, everything has installed, but the camera can't be recognized.


      Please help me to solve the problem, I'm stuck and no way and no logic, I could not find a tool to clean up after uninstalling and this is where Intel can't be improved, I don't want to reinstall Windows10 because I have a problem with intel realises, I thought intel it is like an old Apple, where everything works from the box, but even the drivers for Intel such a pain. HALPPP!


      pgf. how to subscribe to the thread? Intel forgot to do this option.

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          You should receive updates on this thread automatically in your Intel account's message inbox, which you can open by clicking on the @ symbol on the top corner of the page.


          Your laptop looks as though the minimum specification for the SR300 camera.   Although it is available in multiple configurations, the minimum processor spec is a 6th generation Skylake and the max spec is a 7th generation Kaby Lake S.   So that should be fine.


          The installation problem you described is a classic symptom of a case where the camera cannot be detected during installation because the PC's USB ports are not stably supplying it with power (RealSense is very sensitive to the state of the USB port).  I understand that the spec of your PC is very high.  The USB issue is not related to how much raw power a machine has - even high-end Xeon enterprise workstations can be affected by it. 


          In this situation, many people have been able to fix it by plugging their camera into a mains-powered USB hub instead of directly into the PC.  These are available from stores such as Amazon for around $15 by searching for 'powered usb 3.0 hub'.  There have also been a small number of cases where the problem corrected itself by plugging the camera into an ordinary unpowered hub, though powered hubs remain by far the most proven solution.

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            After many tries, I have installed camera wihtout virtual driver, it works so bad, I have to trow it to garbage and move to Xbox Sensor.

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              Usually, the camera should not function without the Virtual Driver.  You are the second person today who has said that they got their SR300 working without that driver.  Perhaps something in Windows has changed to make that possible.


              If the camera is functioning, you may find that you get improved performance if you try it with the new SR300-compatible RealSense SDK 2.0 that was released last week. 


              librealsense/distribution_windows.md at development · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub