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    Intel NUC DN2820FYK needs to be started twice every time and it's impossible to boot from USB or update BIOS


      Hi, I was having some problems with my NUC starting from USB and decided to try another firmware. I installed the 0021 BIOS Download BIOS Update [FYBYT10H.86A] and now the problem is way worse.


      Since I installed this BIOS I'm having problems with my OS (Solus, a Linux distribution). For starters, when I shutdown the PC it doesn't really shutdown most of the time (well, it does, but the NUC fan keeps working). And video reproduction is now choppy, which is the whole purpose of this PC.


      The biggest problem though is that I can't update the BIOS any more, or install another OS. Because every time I select the boot from USB option, the NUC restarts but it doesn't show anything on the TV (or monitor). If I want the NUC to really start I need to remove the power cord and start it again.


      I already tried resetting the BIOS settings, recovering the BIOS by the power button menu (F4), recovering the BIOS by removing the security jumper, but nothing works. It's so frustrating.



      Someone help me please. Thank you.