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    Can't extract Integrated Sensor Hub driver?


      I am setting up a bunch of Dell Inspiron 13-5378 2-in-1 laptops to be imaged with Windows 10 via Windows Deployment Services.


      I can load all the Dell drivers for this laptop into the WDS automatic driver installation mechanism, except for the Intel Integrated Sensor Hub. In order to install a driver into WDS, it needs to have an *.INF. The Integrated Sensor Hub does not have an exposed *.INF....


      01/04/2017  11:40 AM            22,570 MUP.xml

      01/16/2017  02:49 AM            20,588 package.xml

      10/14/2016  03:58 AM        18,403,304 SetupISS.exe

      04/01/2016  02:00 AM             3,484 WiXLicenseNote.txt

                     4 File(s)     18,449,946 bytes


      And the setup program does not offer any way to extract the SetupISS.exe installer.


      SetupISS.exe /?

      intel integrated sensor setup options.png


      I can extract this executable using 7-Zip, but then I just get a pile of raw data files without names that mean anything.

      intel integrated sensor 7-zip extract.png

      I try to open these various files with Notepad++, and I can see suggestions of file names. Looks like file "u8" is "bootstrapper.dll"...


      Intel.Deployment.Bootstrapper Intel Corporation; (Intel.Deployment.Bootstrapper.IIFCoreApp   FileVersion1.1.0.0D InternalNameBootstrapper.dll OriginalFilenameBootstrapper.dll ProductNameIntel.Deployment.Bootstrapper4 ProductVersion1.1.0.08 Assembly Version1.1.0.0


      But I can't sort through this mess manually, so it looks like I just won't be installing the Integrated Sensor Hub on these laptops. I hope it wasn't important.


      Why is Intel not providing any normal way to extract this installer?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Dale_Mahalko,


          Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I understand you need to extract the Integrated sensor hub INF driver to be installed on several Dell* computers. Let me try to help on this matter.


          Please bear in mind the Integrated Sensor Hub driver is available for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) only. This type of driver is not downloadable from Intel website.
          I tried extracting the file by using Uni-extract and I was able to obtain some INF files but I was not able to extract the SetupISS.exe.  My recommendation would be contacting support at Dell to see if they can provide the appropriate INF file for your computer model.
          Additionally, you can check for further help from other peers on this community.


          NOTE: This links are being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.




          Allan J.