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    lens distortion in RealSenseSDK for Windows vs. librealsense *sigh*


      Hello again,

      I had a similar trouble to this thread (SR300 Calibration  ), so previously I tried to solve this issue by manual calibration.

      I'm certain that I got more accurate calibration parameters, but it also makes weird 3D noise in point cloud.

      I guess it came from the undistortion on depth image.


      Anyway, at this moment, I am now trying to transfer my code from RSSDK for Windows (2016R3) to librealsense.

      As expected (*sigh* ), I encountered another problem.

      The problem now is the difference of lens distortion model.


      In the previous RSSDK for Windows, the distortion model was radial/tangential distortion model, which is the same (?) with OpenCV.

      Therefore, I just could utilize cv::undistort without a trouble.

      Now I checked librealsense and just print out the calibration parameters in this new SDK, and I found that the distortion coefficients are different.

      After few digging, I got it is Brown-Conrady distortion model.

      However, I have no idea on this distortion model, and I cannot find the conversion between them, unfortunately.


      So, here are my questions.

      Is there any way to convert radial/tangential distortion model to Brown-Conrady model?

      If it exists (I guess it should because librealsense just export different value without any touch), please provide us that information.


      Thank you for your reading.