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    Black Screens & Failure to awake


      Two issues:


      From day one, my Nuc7i7bnh has not been able to wake up the monitor after going to sleep.  The Nuc will wake up, the screen will not wake up.  The screen claims it is not receiving a signal.  This occurs with every HDMI cable I have tried.  My brother has the same exact issue with his NUC.  Several of of my colleagues who own Nuc's are having the same exact issue. By the way, other computers wake up correctly with this monitor (Dell P2415Q, 4k 60hz monitor).   So the issue does not appear to be with the monitor.


      The only way I was able to get around this wake up issue was to use a USB c to display port cable.  With this cable the Nuc was able to wake up the monitor.


      In July, I started to have the dreaded black screen flicker.  Colleagues are also having the exact same issue.  So is my brother.  It is driving everyone nuts!


      I had great hope when Intel delivered the new display driver.  It appeared to work for a while.  Unfortunately, the dreaded black screen flash has reappeared.  Not as frequent as in the past, nevertheless, it is back!  I also discovered that this new driver is not operating at 60hz, it is operating at 29hz (according to Windows 10).  I have totally uninstalled the driver, switched to the generic Microsoft display driver, rebooted several times and reinstalled the latest Intel display driver.  Same results every time!  29hz.


      Display adapter.JPG

      Display adapter 2.JPG


      Please note:


      The difference in the display hertz for the Microsoft generic display driver and the latest Intel display driver.


      Unfortunately, returning the Nuc is not a good option.  Why?  The Nuc was only part of the expense.  I have the expense of an SSD, 32gb of ram, a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, a monitor.

      So far, the Nuc is about the most troublesome computer I have ever owned.  (I have owned computers since 1985.)


      Here is a video where it refuses to wake up:


      Amazon Drive




      Intel Nuc 7i7bnh


      SecurOmax HDMI cable 2ft - HDMI 2.0 (4K @ 60Hz) Ready - 28AWG Braided Cord - High Speed 18Gbps  (Only will do 30Hz in 4k with newest Intel display driver)

      (Alternative Cable - USB C to Display port cable)


      Samsung 960 EVO - 1tb PCIe NVMe - M.2


      Crucial 32gb DDR 2133 MT/s (PC4-17000)


      Dell KM 717 Bluetooth keyboard and Mouse


      Dell P2415Q - (4k monitor, 60hz capable)


      Dell AC511 usb soundbar


      Windows 10 Pro (64bit)