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    Intel Desktop Board for Z390 Chipset ?


      To Intel


      This is comes from your loyal customer, I'm still using the DZ87KLT-75K till this very moment and I know many people are still using it, its a solid board and there is no proper upgrade from it by the third party intel partners. The purpose of this thread is to ask Intel if you can come back and make at least one board every mainstream/performance segment eg Z390 Board and enthusiast segment eg X299, it would be nice to at least give us an upgrade path to our current intel desktop boards, what I liked very much though we saw it briefly was the Intel Visual Bios, especially from the 7 & 8 series Intel Desktop Boards.


      I would like to see and use a desktop board from intel again eg an Intel Desktop Board DZ390TB "TB standing for Thunderbolt" this is a motherboard I would appreciate to have and use with all the modern I/O implemented in it by intel themselves, with minimal to no 3rd party chipsets for SATA controllers or 3rd party USB controller or any other 3rd party controllers that are not necessary.


      Please Intel Consider Coming back to Desktop Boards



      Stephen B.R.