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    Euclid Availability


      Hi there,


      Been trying hard to get my hands on the Intel Euclid system for research. It seems to have been permanently out of stock all summer!


      Does anyone have the scoop of when it might come back in stock? Otherwise, does someone have suggestions for a similar setup for 6-DOF tracking?


      Thanks very much!

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          I do not have any knowledge of when the Euclid will be back in stock, unfortunately.  Other RealSense kits have gone through similar out of stock cycles in the past and come back in stock.  They usually return without advance notification of when they are going to do so.


          If you need a 6DOF solution now then the ZR300 camera may be able to meet your needs.



          The Euclid uses a ZR300 camera too, albeit a modified version of it where an ASIC chip is absent and that chip is simulated in software in a special forked version of Librealsense instead of the main version of Librealsense.  The ZR300 camera kit above, which has this chip, does not have that issue.


          Bear in mind that as the ZR300 camera, unlike the Euclid, is not a 'PC on a stick', you would have to attach it to a PC or a single-board mini PC such as Intel Joule.

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            Thank you very much, MartyG. You're the best!

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              Thank you very much to you too.   I'm glad I could help.  Have a great weekend!