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    I350-AM4 Ethernet controller questions



      We consider using Ethernet Controller I350-AM4 (QUAD port) in our product and we need for that to get some details.


      1. Do you have this component in extended temperature conditions? (-40C - +85C)

      2. Do you have it as leaded? (not ROHS lead-free)

      3. Is it possible to change MAC address to each NIC?

      4. If all 4 NICs are working on paralell on link of 1GbE and we are using PCIe 2.0 (Up to 5G) for communication with the component, can we say for sure that the link on each channel is really going to be 1G from the moment we send data until it is really sent? in other word, can we gurantee 1G link when we working with all 4 chanells in paralell?

      5. I saw you are offering full NIC card for the I350- "I350-T4V2". Do you also offer it with extended operational temeprature? (-40C - +85C) If not, do you work with other companies that does?

      6. Redundancy/backup feature- can the component work in a way that port1 is on "standby" and port 2 is "live" and if something goes wrong with port 2, the device will be able to change to port1? If so, how do you call this feature and where can I find details on it? is it possible on the component, does it also possible on the EVB you offer (I350-T4V2) if it acts as part of a computer? Is this what you call "Advanced Networking- Intel ANS"?