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    Windows won't detect built-in RealSense F200 camera


      My webcam hasn't been working for a while.  I looked in Device Manager and one of the DCM files was returning a message saying "system resources insufficient to find API" or something like that.  I downloaded the manual DCM thingie and tried to repair or modify my camera's drivers, but it said it could not detect the built-in camera.  So I used the manual DCM to uninstall it.  I then tried to reinstall it and it again told me that it could not detect the built-in camera.  I'm downloading a new driver right now through Windows Update, but so far this seems like it might be a hardware thing.  Any thoughts?  I'll let you know if Windows Update fixes it. 

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            Built-in RealSense cameras are unfortunately harder to fix than the external USB versions of the camera, and repair options are limited:


            1.  Download the camera drivers for your PC's model from the manufacturer website and use those instead of the Intel drivers for external USB cameras.


            2.  If the manufacturer drivers do not solve the problem, you may be able to do a process called a 'recovery boot' if the manufacturer supports it.  In this process, the PC is wiped and Windows is re-installed, plus any drivers and application software that the PC came with when new.  This may not work if the PC has already been wiped once, as the manufacturer recovery image will no longer be present. 


            What is the manufacturer of your PC please so I can direct you to the correct recovery boot option if one exists.  Bear in mind that you will need to back up your personal files from your computer before doing a recovery boot, otherwise they will be lost.