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    Why are my drivers not updating?


      I've got the Intel drivers update utility and downloaded all new drivers for my NUC7i7BNH.


      I've installed them and when I ran the utility all except 2 drivers were showing as having updated tot he latest versions.

      The Ethernet and Intel Management Drivers are both showing as having versions and respectively. However I have downloaded and installed the newer version, respectively 22.6 and two times now and still the update utility is seeing the old ones.

      How can I check for sure what's installed and force it to update?

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          Well, for starters, you can stop using that incredibly-horrible IDUU tool. Download the latest drivers for your NUC and install them manually. Then, check regularly for updated drivers being released. If you want this to be automatic, wait for the drivers to appear via Windows Update.



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            The update tool isn't a problem that I can see, it simply identifies drivers and lets you download them, which I have done. My problem now is drivers that aren't seeming to update when I apply them?

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              Unfortunately, Intel regularly releases driver update packages where the driver version number is not the same as the package (installer) version number. For example, when they need to make a change to the installer, but the driver is the same one included in the previous package. In other cases (like graphics), the package includes two drivers (audio and graphics) so the version number of the package can change when only one of the drivers is changed.


              Bottom line, you may have a new installer package but the driver actually installed by it is the same one seen in the previous package.



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