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    Intel Graphics 630: External monitor not detected (mini display port)



      I have a Gigabyte Aero 15 laptop and one of the features of this laptop is that it can connect to 3 external monitors via a HDMI port, mini display port, and thunderbolt 3. I have 2 identical monitors and they both work fine. I'm running a single HDMI from the laptop to 1 monitor and it's perfect. If I connect to monitor 2 the same way, it also works. So in order to use both monitors at the same time, I'm running a mini display port to HDMI cable to my second monitor but nothing happens. Only 1 monitor is detected by my laptop and its the one connected via the HDMI port. The second monitor connected via the mini display port isn't detected at all by my laptop. I've updated all drivers but no luck. I've gone into the nvidia control panel and set the power management mode to "prefer maximum performance" and that didn't work either.

      Intel graphics 630 and GTX 1060 drivers are all up to date. Both monitors are in working condition and both work with the single HDMI output. I just can't get my laptop to detect it with the display port...

      If I go into my Nvidia Control Panel, I can see 1 monitor connected via HDMI port. If I go into my Intel HD Graphics Control Panel, then Display, Multiple Displays, it shows "Single Display" and its only the Built-in Display. If I click on "Detect", I get the message "No other display has been detected. If you do not see a display, verify all the connections and check that the display is powered on."


      So nothing is being detected via mini display port.


      Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated!


      Further details: