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    Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200- Quake Champions -Seriuos Video issuses. Lens flares, strobe lights.


      Hello, Iv been playing Quake Champions for some time. And after one patch it looks bad - after one game, when finishing to main menu and starting new match. The graphics get crumbled really bad.

      It looks like the video driver goes crazy. Firsth game is ok, but the second match looks like 70's disco pary bull of strobes.


      Instead normal maps- textures and lights I get stroboscope lights, some big blurry images instead of lights. The game is unplayable. Iv installed newest drivers but doesent help.

      It only happens after one game, firsth game is allright.


      Here are the specs:


      Proc: Intel I7-4770 HQ 2.2 GHz

      Graph: Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200

      Ram: 16 GB

      Disk with game: Seagate 7

      Win 7 Pro


      Please check images and videos below: