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    Enable Hyper-threading


      Hello fellows,


      I have one question on Hyper-threading ,Is it possible to enable/disable hyper-threading without using bios settings e.g. using syscfg and without rebooting server ? because i'm working with plenty of servers so it is not possible to enable individual server for HT it needs time and lots of work.


      need some suggestions.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello ,
                      Regarding your question, “if there is a way to enable Hyper-threading without having to reboot the server“.  I am afraid this is hard to say if you going to need or not a reboot for Hyper-Threading enabled.  This because if the motherboard BIOS has the option Disable, then you will need to reboot the to enter the BIOS and enable it.  If you get a BIOS update that will enable by default the Hyper-Threading, you still need to reboot for the changes to take effect.  And depending on the OS, the Hyper-Threading enable settings, and you still will need to reboot for the Registry or Kernel to take full functionality on the changes.
          Then I am afraid to say that yes you will need to reboot.
          If there is anything else we can help please feel free to ask.

          Best regards,
          Henry A.