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    Trim/ToolBox Difficulties With System Restore - X25m G2 Owners


      I have recently discovered a problem with Intel G2 drives while using Toolbox and trim and am wondering if this is a normal occurrence and whether intel has explored it.


      A few weeks ago I reformatted my drive and left system restore on.  Two days ago I went to use the toolbox just to confirm my drive was nice and clean and it took 2 hours.  After it completed, I tried again and it still took 10 minutes.  I found this unusual as my drive is partitioned into two logical drives and the other drive took less than a second to complete.


      Prior to, I had also completed a Crystal Disk mark score and discovered that my write scores had dropped about 20mb/s.


      I spoke with someone who stated they had the same problem but it dissappeared when they turned System Restore Off.  I did and tried the Toolbox once again and it completed in less than a second. Further, my speeds were back up again.


      As I am an active member on SSD groups on a few sites and very active in the ssd community, I checked and this seems to be common and brings forward a few questions.


      Does the way that Win7 allocates its restore files cause problems for TRIM and Toolbox?

      Has this been recognized and looked into previously?

      Does Intel have any input with respect to this?