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    Skylake I7-6700k Freezes playing or Idle


      Hi Guys.


      I have a problem with my Intel I7-6700k when i'm playing or in idle sometimes it freezes and only shutdown the PC its the only way to fix the problem.
      I Installed the latest Motherboard Bios and I have win 10 updated, this issue is very annoyng I run the Intel Processor diagnostic tool and some benchmark for the GPU and memtest86 and my system is able pass whitout problems all the tests. I want to know if there any fix for this because I loss a lot of Works when my Pc freezes, it freeze whiout BSOD or error log on the log of windows, the platform also is not overcloked at all. All the components are running at the stock clock and stuff.
      the details of my sistem are:


      Win10 pro 64 bit.
      CPU: I7-6700k
      RAM: x2 G skill Ripjaws V 3000 mhz cl 15-16-16-35
      MOBO: MSI SLI Plus Z170a
      GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080.
      PSU: Corsair RM1000X
      2 ssd and 1 hdd.

      Hope have an answer soon.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Chrixs,


          Thank you for joining the Processors community.


          I would like to get more information regarding this matter, this order to address this matter in the most accurate way, please see below;

          • When did the issue start?
          • What is your BIOS version?
          • Do you know the TDP for your fan?
          • What is the memory speed that you are currently running?



          Amy C.

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            Hello Amy, Thanks for the response.


            • This issue start like 1 or 2 months after building the PC, like December of the past year, first I was using WIN7 and I remember having a BSOD for error Clock Watchdog Timeout. I never ever do OC to my CPU only runing at stock speed, when i Change to WIn10 this error doent not show anymore but instead of that when the pc is in IDLE or when i'm playing the PC freezes without response: I Prove unistalling WIN 10 and install again more than 10 times
            • The BIOS version of my MOBO is the 7998v1B
            • I don't know the TDP of my CPU fan but i'm using a Watercooling system Seidon 120 XL from coolermaster.
            • I'm currently running on XMP it sets the memory on 3000mhz. I've runing also on stock speed 2133mhz and the problem happens in both cases.




            Cristian M.

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              I have seen this set of symptoms before - unfortunately many times (though usually with Intel board and NUC products). The #1 cause for Watchdog Timeouts, responsible for at least 95% of all occurrences, is memory bus lockup. I suggest that you disable your XMP profile and run your memory at default (2133MHz) settings for a week or two. If the occurrences disappear, you will know that this was the cause and you can either replace your memory or leave it running at the lower settings.


              The maximum speed that you can reliably run your memory at is dependent upon the amount of noise present. Noise comes from all sources - the processor (memory controllers), the DIMMs and the memory bus itself (which can pick up noise from other components nearby). The memory bus provides filters (bus terminators, etc.) to remove noise, but this is not always effective (and boards with poor or limited implementations abound in the marketplace) and, if the combined noise levels reaches certain thresholds, the memory controllers will begin to misinterpret noise as data and noise as data, garbling the values being transferred. Error correction algorithms attempt to handle this but, if the algorithms are overcome (i.e. multi-bit errors), a bus lockup can and will occur. Your only recovery then is a system reset caused by the Watchdog Timer.


              Hope this helps,


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                Intel Corporation
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                Chrixs, hope you were able to check the previous input.



                Amy C.