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    Realsense SR300's measured distance is inaccurate


      I have use the the point cloud data of realsense sr300 to achieve the robot avoidance obstacle, but I find that the point cloud of obstacle is incorrect, the measure distance is shorter than the actual distance. I use the ros(indigo)under ubuntu system, and use the Intel official package realsense_camera, launch the camera_driver use "roslaunch realsense_camera sr300_nodelet_rgbd.launch". I have make a test as follows:

         First, I put my robot in front of a wall, at first the camera detect the wall just as my lidar detected, the distance are almost the same, but wait a little longer time, the camera detect the wall much closer than the lidar detected, as show here.

                                                                     ____________ 2017-09-13 16_17_25.png

                                                                                                                                 Fig1.  The correct measure result

                                                                   ____________ 2017-09-13 16_52_06.png

                                                                                                                                                   Fig2 The incorrect result


            But when I launch the camera again, the result is OK. By the way I use the default parameter of the package, and I publish a static transform from the robot base_link to camera_link.