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    Compression Formats for RGB-D Streaming




         (1) We want to process the RGB-D stream from realsense camera on the cloud. Can some one suggest what kind of compression could be used on RGB-D data prior to streaming? Are there any practical RGB-D compression formats? I could not find much information on this on the web.

        (2) Are there any open-source solutions for this? Or is there any company which offers commercial solution for this?  

        (3) One option I see is to compress & stream the RGB & D data separately. Even if we were to use this method, I have some questions

        (i ) What kind of compression formats could be used on D data? I could find very few reference on Depth data compression. Those too mainly some research papers.

        (ii ) How can we preserve the frame synchronization between RGB & D streams if these were to be streamed separately?