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    Filtering depth noise on the Euclid


      Hi all,


      I was seeing random noise in my depth images, which when converted to laser scans (depthimage_to_laserscan), caused problem with the local planner in move_base.  Bottom line, random obstacles would appear and disappear.


      Digging into camera settings, I came across these two issues in the main line realsense code:




      There's a parameter /camera/driver/r200_dc_preset that can be set for varying filter levels.  This can be added to the camera launch file (i.e. in realsense_camera, lr200m_nodelet_default.launch).  The issue #106 link above should help decipher things.  They have an example launch file, but you'll probably just want to add the parameter to a copy of the Euclid file.


      Anyways - figured I'd post the info here since many of us are coming into the Euclid/Realsense without prior Realsense device experience.