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    Intel core I-7 7700k overheat


      Hello, I bought a intel core I-7 7700k about a week ago now when building a whole new pc, I have been running into problems where the cpu seams to overheat and crash my computer giving me a error message. I am using a nzxt kraken x62 so I do not belive it is the coolers foult of doing this. My cam software gives me a notice after I have booted up and says the cpu got over 85 C and that is from the minut the computer crashed. I have no idea if there is somthing wrong with the cpu or if it is supposed to be like this. I have the fans on 100% all the time fixed and it still does this and for some reason the usage of the cpu goes to 99% when playing games. I would really like some help to figure this out I spent all of my savings money to be able to build this pc but I can not even play games on it for some reason.