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    NUC7I3BNK not powering up and power button blinking orange


      Ok, here's a cool story. I assemble a NUC using compatible RAM and SSD. I then power it on and try to familiarize myself with its BIOS setup when it suddenly shuts down. "Ok..." says I and pretend nothing happened. But, just to be on the safe side (ha-ha), I decide to update the BIOS. And I did so—successfully. Or so i thought. As the updating finished, computer attempted to reboot but appeared to be stuck with orange light flashing (...i think) So I, growing impatient, wisely remove power plug from the outlet, plug it back in, power the computer up and enter BIOS setup checking out it's version. To my surprise the BIOS seems to be updated to the latest version. "Well that was easy" is what I've been thinking when NUC shuts down again. Little did i know i would never manage to power it up again. Since then, whenever I plug it in, unit's power button rapidly blinks in orange. No amount of holding it, pressing it or else does anything. It just keeps blinking. Indefinitely.

      So, what I've tried: moving RAM to the other slot, removing it, removing SSD, removing security jumper, removing CMOS battery wires from the connector and waiting, plugging in USB with recovery BIOS, plugging in headphones in order to hear something, ANYTHING. Nothing...

      What I'd like to know: is the unit bricked for good or is there still hope left?


      Last time i edit. I swear.