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    SS4200-E creates RAID 5 array with a Max of 2TB?


      Hi all,


      I recently purchased the Intel SS4200-E in Feb 2010. I don't have the DOM installed and Iam not using EMC. Iam a system builder and have been for 10 years, Iam running Windows 2008 Server R2, which I installed from a DVD-Rom. I upgraded the memory to Crucial's 2GB and the processor to E4700 (2.6 Ghz x 2). I have the V90L BIOS chip, and in the BIOS Settings Iam allowed to choose one of 3 SATA settings: IDE, ACHI, RAID. I have 4x clean WD RE3, 1TB drives with default settings installed. Prior to installation I made sure I connected these to an already working Windows 7 system to insure that they were clean via disk management.


      I chose the RAID and saved it. At boot up it allows me to enter RAID setting with CTRL-I, once in there it says to choose my RAID setting and I chose RAID 5. It then asks me to select my drives and all 4 drives are visible, and reading properly 931.something GBs. After selecting all 4 drives it says the max defualt capacity is only 2047 GBs. What gives? 4 drives in RAID 5 should allow me to have around 2793 GB.


      Is there firmware I have to install? If so is it compatible with Windows or do I have to install via Web GUI? Does my Intel SS4200-E currently have a Web GUI in it's current configuration? and if so what is it's default IP Address? I don't mind the re-installing everything since there is nothing on there yet, I want to resolve the capacity issue first.